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Ghost 101

Ghost 101 is a basic introduction into the world of paranormal investigation. This text was developed as part of the introductory class for members of the Last GASPS.

Presented by Kyle T. Cobb, Jr.

Nos tibi credere.

A  Literary History

The Tools

In conducting an investigations we use a variety of equipment.


It is important to use the best equipment that an investigator can afford. This includes Infra-red and ultra-violet cameras as well as low light cameras. The hope is to catch a video of anything we can see or that is there and we can’t see. Cameras are the best bet at capturing evidence. It is important to note the limitation of all types of cameras is the range of the light source. One cheap fixed source of infra-red can be security cameras or hunting cameras.

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Historical research can open the doors to better understanding an investigation site. Resources such as newspapers and diaries can prove useful.





Demons Orbs



Residual Haunting

Shadow People

Shadow People

Residual Hauntings


One of the theories is around apparitions is that they that they emit an Electro-magnetic field (EMF) which is a detectable energy pattern outside of normal background energy. In the early days of investigation, scientific instruments such as the tri-field meter were utilized. Because the tri-field is very hard to read in darkness a number of other modified Electro-magnetic field detectors have been created just for ghost hunting. Unfortunately, most of these “Ghost Hunting” EMF detectors lack the scientific delineation that the tri-field detector presented. Recently a series of detectors called the MEL have entered the market and offer great accuracy. Even so, most investigators never actually learn to read or understand the levels of EMF detected by the EMF devices.

One particularly challenging issue of using an EMF device is that in today’s energy intensive world, there are often hundreds of EMF sources at a particular location. For this reason, it is import that that prior to an investigation, a complete EMF map is made noting all the permanent EMF sources. Otherwise, there is a high probability of false readings.


It has often been reported that encounters with paranormal events are accompanied by an unexplained areas of cold. While often these patches of cold can be explained by the general laws of convection (or a simple draft a good investigation will be equipped with laser temperature equipment.


Noting that the human range of hearing is narrow when compared to that of animals or the audio scale, in order to detect the maximum amount of audio evidence, high end digital recorders are often utilized. Most digital records are designed to compress audio above and below the human range.


When an apparition speaks and it can only be heard on the records, this is called an Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). Observers try to talk to an alleged apparition in hopes that if they can not hear a response, one will be captured on the recording.


We study the history of the location. We search for past owners or events that may have occurred at that location.

Preparing for a Hunt

Before the hunt

After the hunt





–verb (used with object)

to expose or excoriate (a claim, assertion, sentiment, etc.) as being pretentious, false, or exaggerated.

Our primary job is to seek the truth. That means finding the actual solution beyond the hype and the legends.

Occam’s Razor

 When we are presented with a story of an apparition, first apply the Occam’s Razor test to it.

Remember, Occam’s Razor is the logic test that states the simplest explanation must be the correct one.

Occam Razor, example #1

Footsteps are heard when observer walks through upper room in warehouse. Which is more logical…

1. Room has a spirit that likes walking with people.


2. Room has a natural echo.

The echo explanation can be easily tested and is the most real world solution.

Occam Razor, example #2

Knocking noises randomly come from the basement.

Which is more logical…

1. Room has a spirit that likes to remind occupants that it is there…


2. Poorly secured pipes rattle when gas bubbles pass through them.

Debunking- EMF

Presently, there is a tug of war in the medical community about the negative effects of exposure to Electro-Magnetic Frequencies.

The World Health Organization acknowledges that there is some validity to the condition but asserts that there is a lack of consistency in both symptoms as well as causality. The reported symptoms of EMF hypersensitivity can resemble “feelings” related to paranormal phenomena, in the case where a high level of EMF has been detected, diligence requires that it be reported for possible remediation.

Symptoms of EMF hypersensitivity can include:

Therefore, it is possible that areas with a high level of EMF may create what is called a “fear cage.”

 In effect, the EMF makes the observer uneasy and see/feel things.

Critical thinking

 An observer’s first duty is to the truth.

 Look for natural causes to the unexplained. Many of the things that get reported as supernatural can be easily explained by looking at the location with a critical eye.