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Masquerade Dupre Excelsior Mill


For a two-day period from the evening of September 12, 2010, through September 14, 2010, agents of the GASPS conducted a formal investigation of the facilities of the Masquerade for paranormal activity.

Written by Kyle T. Cobb, Jr.

Nos tibi credere.

Haunted Places

Personal Experiences

Critical tools utilized by GASPS Agents were used to determine some phenomenon; however our Investigator’s personal experiences are critical in determining the context of unexplained events, they are highly subjective

by themselves and cannot be considered as primary evidence. Our Investigators reported the following personal experiences:

The Mist

One additional personal experience event receives noted attention.

At around 1:40am on Tuesday, September 14, 2010, one Team concluded its evaluation. As the Agents exited Heaven, the second floor Room (1), the Agents observed a white or gray mist figure standing on the stage.

The Chief Investigator was summoned and entered the room at around 1:42am. At that point, the entire

room seemed to be filled with a dense white fog or mist. The mist was so thick the Investigators can easily see the beams of their flashlights defined as beams 30 feet away. There is no odor present. There is no respiratory distress. There is no moisture feeling. The mist hangs at about the 4 ft level and appears to

extend up to the ceiling.

At one point an Agent moves their hand through it and it appears also appears two other Agents note it to be obscured.

Because the mist is so thick, the Chief Investigator does a quick round through the room and checks the downstairs area for fire. By the time the Chief Investigator returns, the mist has completely dissipated. Three minutes, Thirty-Six seconds elapse from beginning to end of the occurrence.

During the entire event, the area was under constant surveillance by infra-red cameras.

Review of video evidence exhibited no record of the mist. Though Agents can clearly be seen interacting with it, our video footage appears they are playing with empty air. The lack of visibility to the infra-red spectrum excludes the possibility that the mist was actually natural or artificial smoke as well as dust because all three elements have high infra-red reflectivity.

Additionally, at 2:51am the temperature in the room was still 88°, which was well beyond the days dew point in Atlanta of 52°.

Following the event, there has been an intense research campaign to explain the mist. To date, no logical or scientific explanation has been viable.

Audio Track References

As part of GASPS commitment to provide our clients with copies of the significant evidence we obtained, an audio CD was produced. Below are the track listings.

The Fun House Effect

During the initial consultation of the facility, it was noted that several areas in the building may inadvertently create a fun house effect” on individuals passing through them. The "funhouse effect" is the result of an optical illusion created when an individual walks (or stands) on/near something that appears to be level or perpendicular but is not. The brain automatically attempts to adjust for minor deviations that the other senses contradict and the result is dizziness. In addition to the dizzy feeling, there may often be feeling of tipping over or that one is about to fall over a railing. This effect is particularly acute with slightly slanted stairs or oddly shaped ceilings. Furthermore, this feeling can also be heightened by certain color combinations.

It is not unusual for certain individuals to find areas with fun house effects creepy, “uncomfortable, orto be avoided. These feelings are part of the genetic memories that kept primitive humans away from danger.

Short of structural alteration very little can be done to remove the funhouse effect. For those that frequently must encounter such areas, the explicit instruction that this area contains such an illusion may help to lessen their anxiety.

In particular, the Red Hallway in Hell (between the office and the liquor store area) and the back stairwell (between the Upper and Lower areas) seem to exhibit these properties.

< Back

The back hallway between the Hell area, the office, the liquor storage room and the stairwell, exhibits both unusually geometry and coloration which may result in the Fun House Effect.”

Note the various angles included in the construction. Even this photo presents a somewhat dizzying perspective.

Typical of a building this age, a walk down the steps left Investigators labeling this as a "fun house event."