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Moon River Brewery

City Hotel

Savannah, GA

On  21 February, Chief Investigator KyL Cobb participated with another team in an investigation of the City Hotel. The history research for this location was created to prepare for this investigation.

Written by Kyle T. Cobb, Jr.

Nos tibi credere.

Haunted Places



The most active location in the Moon River Brewing Company seems to be the basement. There are a lot of misinformation about the basement area. One of these ‘facts’ is that slaves were commonly kept in the basement. There is no evidence to substantiate this claim.

One legend about the origin of the basement haunting comes from the civil war. According to the legend a Union bummer (a scavenger/forager) snuck into the hotel and killed a number of residents. The screams and sounds a footsteps and bodies on the second floor are attributed to the bummer. During renovation in (????) a civil war era body was found sealed in the basement wall.

The basement has also had reports of voices and touching sensations.

During the 2005 TAPS investigation a short humanoid figure was seen running behind the pool tables in the basement.


A prostitute that stole from a john was pushed by him down the stairs to the first floor bar. Her figure has been reported reliving that fatal fall over and over. Her neck twisted 360 degrees before her phantom body dissipated in front of horrified witnesses.

Unspecified witnesses have reported seeing Stark’s body carried out of the building on the back of a door.

Moving objects

One evening an eyewitness noticed the eyes of current day pool players moving in unison, right to left. He took a closer look and saw that on one of the pool tables a single cue ball was rolling back and forth the length of the empty table. No living person was anywhere near that pool table at the time.

Osborne (an employee) related an occasion when she approached a drinks station equipped with commercial coffee and tea urns. As she came closer the filter flew out of the tea urn. The customers standing behind her got upset and wanted to know why she was throwing the filter at them. She explained she had not done it.

Former bar Manager Lewis was understandably rattled when a bottle of booze flew off a shelf in his office and clattered onto his desk. He was alone in the building late at night as he closed up. After the bottle movement he heard footsteps coming down the stairs from the floor above him. Believing himself the only person in the building, he set the alarm, locked the office door and left the premises.

A Moon River waitress found herself talking to a skeptical female patron about the unexplained and strange things that routinely took place at the bar. Shortly after her statement a drinks menu opened itself right in front of her.

Unspecified patrons have observed the flatware on a table behind them slid itself to the floor.

Bottles have been observed flying off a wall and striking a desk.


Former Manager Scruggs talked about an odd antique desk that appeared in a second floor back room. Only staff had access and none of them would have had cause to put a wooden antique desk in the storage room. Nobody thought much about the dusty old thing at first. However a few weeks later Scruggs and some other employees noticed odd writing in the dust. Nobody on staff claimed it and it looked strange. There were some cryptic symbols and words. A few letters were backwards. Getting into the spirit of things Scruggs and company decided to write a message back in the dust. There was one problem. The dust was so thick and sticky it had become hardened onto the surface of the desk. The Moon River staffers couldn’t write a response back because the dust had become cement like. The desk stuck around, but a few weeks later the cemented dust and the cryptic message had both vanished.


Gregory Proffitt described speaking with a soldier. The soldier’s head flew to the side and a loud disembodied slapping noise was heard. The soldier’s cheek instantly turned red where the imprint of a hand could be seen. This happened three or four more times in a row. The soldier was getting angry with Proffitt, but suddenly realized Proffitt, standing four feet away, couldn’t be slapping him

Lots of paranormal activity has happened, a woman by the name of Christina was attacked during a book party, a supernatural being forced itself onto her neck pushing her back while chocking her at the same time

During renovation in 1995, allegedly, the power tools would go missing and workmen would get pushed off their ladders. A foreman’s wife was pushed down the stairs by a woman in a white dress.

A ghost called Toby is said to be physical towards anyone

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