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Bailey-Tebault House

Griffin, GA

A favorite location for GASPS chief investigator KyL Cobb, the Bailey house inspired Cobb to begin writing a history of Griffin, Georgia.

Written by Kyle T. Cobb, Jr.

Nos tibi credere.

Haunted Places


Over the years, agents of the Last GASPS conducted several formal investigations of the facilities of the Bailey-Tebault House at 633 Meriwether Street in Griffin, Georgia for paranormal activity.

As part of the investigation on  Saturday, 18 June 2011, through Sunday morning, 19 June 2011, Kay Landham, the Director of the Griffin Historical Society, participated in interviews with GASPS agents to identify her personal paranormal experiences as well as historic reports of paranormal activity. Details of their interviews are contained in this report under “Client Reports of Activity”.

Here are the results of the first investigation

Client Reports of Activity

As part of the standard practices of the GASPS, we strive to induce real world alternative answers to potential paranormal events. This is not to say that it is our intention to discredit witnesses’ personal experiences or to in any way doubt their credibility. Our goal is simply to provide alternative explanations where possible.

In an interview with Kay Landham at the facility, the following paranormal activities were reported:

1. Periodically, there would be unexplained sounds.

2. Periodically, there would be cases of the items being slightly shifted even though there should have been no one in the house that could have moved it.

3. The position of a certain curtain seemed to adjust its position.

4. At an event occurring at the house in the recent past, a young boy prompted his parent to help him find the “man in red” that he had met on the servant stairs. No such person is known to have been present at the event.

5. A worker at the facility that claimed to have the ability to see spirits would address the spirits and order them to be silent.

Attempts to authenticate Client Claims

With the exception of sounds as discussed below, previous unexplained events reported at the facility are point in time events and validation, recreation or repudiation is not possible.

Unexplained sounds

In attempting to identify sound throughout the house, the first suspect is the architecture. In design, the house is filled with large open passageways between rooms. The back porch/ hallway is lined with windows. The front center of the house features two minimally obstructed stairwells.

Ordinarily according to the inverse square law, sound decreases 6db for each doubling of distance from the source. So a sound at 90db ten feet from the source would be at 70db 100 ft from the source.  In other words, energy that is encountered twice as far from the source is spread over 4 times the area.

By nature, sound reflects as a wave against surfaces.

Unobstructed, it will continue to spread.

In most structures, doors and acoustic absorbing material greatly reduces the reflection of the sound. In the case of this facility, there is a long “echo chamber” along the back of the houses that captures sounds and reflects them throughout the facility.

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Echo Chamber

Camera 3 had activity in sitting room

The Ultra Violet Camera in the sitting parlor was witness to one of the major events unfortunately because of lighting, nothing was captured.

Bailey House in 2010

1936 Photo of the Bailey House

Because of the open spaces and the back reflection wall, sounds easily travel throughout the house.

In addition to the reflection of sound in the facility, it is also noted that when individuals are walking on the second floor, there is a slight drum effect on the first floor. Every footstep generates an almost sub-audible “boom” that resonates through the facility.

Noting the proximately of housing structures and a sounds radiating from them, these dwelling could prove to be the sound generation sources.

To further complicate the audio palette of the facility, it is noted that several screech owls live on the facility grounds. While the investigation was under way, Canadian Geese also decided to participate in the audio records.

Shadows and Light

The facility has been constructed to allow the free flow of natural light from the outside. When combined with a significant number of painting, mirrors and other light reflecting items, shadows can be complex and unexpected. Because of the free flow of light, light pollution form traffic as well as other sources can create seemingly unexplained shadows to dance through the house at unexpected times. Careful analysis and synchronization with traffic can reveal the origin of many of these noted events.



Over the course of the investigations, GASPS agents used a variety of equipment including: Infra-red night vision video cameras, low light digital video cameras, laser thermometers, electro-magnetic field detectors, and a variety of digital sound recorders capable of detecting sounds above and below normal hearing ranges.

To clarify specific locations, descriptive names as listed below have been assigned to the rooms.

Electronic Voice Phenomena

During investigations sessions using wide range digital recorders, Agents attempted to obtain recording of a paranormal nature in response to questions. Because the responses are outside the ordinary audio range, Agents are unable to directly here them. The use of high-end electronic recording devices serves as a primary investigation tool and captures the supra-human sound as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).

As part of the investigation, over 100 hours of extended range audio was collected using digital recording devices. Agents manually reviewed each recording for anomalies. All recordings were then also reviewed by the Chief Investigator on the case as a second level of validation. Anomalies identified during either phase were then reviewed and cross checked against the consolidated evidence log to eliminate alternate causality. Remaining evidence was then presented to all the Agents for additional review and comment.

After a final executive review of the evidence, the remaining items are noted below as potential evidence.

During our investigation using digital electronic recorders:

Many unexplained significant recorded materials were recovered.

EVP evidence

01-Bump in the night

9:06 PM and empty room and a bump.( Bump in the night.wma)


9:36 PM in the Double Parlor at the front of the house. (Breathing 9-36.wma) There is a breathing sound. This sound is audible and repeats over about 30 seconds. At the same time, there is a video anomaly reported on downstairs camera 3. The breathing stops just as an Investigator enters to check the camera issue.


9:36 PM must have been a strange time in the house. The RCA digital audio recorder picked up an unknown voice clearly saying “what” in an empty upstairs front bedroom. (what 9-36.wms)


9:40 PM in the sitting parlor. After issues with a camera and a cold spot at that location, a senior investigator goes to examine the cold spot. While he is there, something exhales loudly near him. He question if some one is there and it exhales again. (exhale.wma) We believe we got the Exhale from a recorder nearby.

05-Come here

A team is sitting in the back upstairs bedroom. They are asking anything present to move closer to the EMF detector and alert the team that they are present. A faint voice says something like “come here.” Even amplified it is still unclear. (tk-Come hear-amplified.wma)

06-Moaning in Aunt Sophie’s house

A team is investigating the “closet in the first room of Aunt Sophie’s house. In particular, they are looking up the crawl space into the attic. The audio recorder picks up a very strange moan behind the team talking. (tk-Moaning in aunt Sophies house-amplified.wav)

07-Shave and a Haircut

10:20 PM in the Double Parlor at the front of the house. (shave-haircut-moan and knock.wma) The Chief investigator asks for a response to knocking the first part of the old “shave and a haircut” routine from the 1899 Charles Hale song.  The investigator does the first part and several seconds pass. A faint voice is heard in the background and then 3 knocks are faintly heard.


A team is outside around 11 PM walking from the front porch to the back of the house. While they are talking an unknown male voice speaks over the agents and says "please" or “police.” (tk-please.wav)

09-Double Tap

Around 11 PM, a team is attempting to communicate with anything that may be there. As part of the procedure, they ask it to use knocks, touch them or make noise. Here is a double tap answer before it is asked. (double tap.wma)

10-Nothing and then a click

11:06 PM in the archive room upstairs. There is absolute nothing happening. No one is in then room. And the Click… (Nothing and then a click.wma)

11-An unknown voice in an empty room

11:34 PM in the archive room upstairs. There is absolute nothing happening. No one is in then room. And suddenly a male voice says something… (An unknown voice in an empty room.wma)

12-It isn’t safe

An agent sits alone in the upstairs front bedroom with a portable recorder. Two other agents are near by working a room. The words “it isn’t safe” appear on the audio recording. (tk-isnt+safe.wav)

13-A strange response

12:30 am in the front bedroom. Two agents are attempting to get a response. One agent asks if anyone present is capable of making a response and there is a distinct but unrecognizable sound. (Strange response.wma)

14-Snap and then something strange

At about 1 am, a team is working the upstairs back bedroom. The agent is talking in the background but the foreground catches a snap and a garble word talking over the agent. (Snap and then something strange.wma)


Two agents attempt to ask a spirit to move an object. One agent asks if the sound was the spirit. There seems to be a reply of “Me” in a child’s voice. (Tk-me.wma)

16-It’s right there

Around 2 am, the chief investigator and a field agent are standing next to the window with the names carved into it. A third agent-in-training is several feet behind them holding the recording device. As the chief investigator describes where the carvings are, an unknown voice speaks over the investigator and clearly says, “It’s right there…” (its+right+there.wav)

17-A loud voice in the empty Front Bedroom

Around 3:50 am all the investigators are downstairs. Some of the agents can be heard actively working in the background. A clear distinct voice says something loudly in the recording. (A loud voice in the empty Front Bedroom.wma) Is it calling a name? No one can be certain.

18-A knock in an empty room

At about 5:20 am, there are no investigators in the upstairs front bedroom. A lone random knock interrupts a long silence. (knock in an empty room.wma)

19-Two Clicks in the empty Front Bedroom

5:22 am… More strange noises in the upstairs front bedroom. Here are two clicks in an empty room (Two Clicks in the empty Front Bedroom.wma)

20-Just say “No”

An unknown voice talks behind the investigators. This voice seems to be saying “no.” (tk-No-2.wav)

Uncertain EVPs


The agents ask for a sign to prove something is present. There is an almost inaudible “hello…”  We have increased the volume on the “hello” and confirmed there is a positive pattern there with a spectrum display but it still is hard to hear. (hello-amplified.wma)

22-That popping sound

Around 1:20 am, there is a clearly a pop sound heard on the audio and by the investigators sitting in the front upstairs bedroom. (that-popping-sound.wma) The sound was recorded on the fixed recorder placed in the room all night. Strangely, the ultra high-end recorder does not have a sound on it from that exact moment.

23-The Wallpaper

At one point the investigators are talking about the how beautiful the house appears. When mentioning the wallpaper, in the central lobby, there is notable moan under the investigator. That sound is not present on the fixed audio recorder in the double parlor.

24-Unknown Sound

An unknown sound in the background. This sound is most likely the result of outside contamination. (tk-unknown-sound.wma)

25-Strange noise

There is a strange noise seemingly in response to agents asking the spirit to come closer to the EMF detector. (strange noise.wma)


Video Monitoring

As part of the investigation, multiple state of the art video cameras were used including 10 Infrared night vision cameras as well as multiple Zero Lux digital cameras, HD cameras and ultra-Violet cameras. All of the 200 hours of the footage was reviewed for potential evidence. When in doubt, footage is tagged but is then eliminated as potential evidence.

Only 1 significant video event was recovered.

At around 9:37 PM, Camera 3 began experiencing flutters as though something were interrupting the circuit with the camera. Since this is a closed wire system, external interference was not possible. This phenomenon persisted for about 15 seconds. At one point, the signal goes completely to black. Physical inspection reveals no problem with camera connectivity. During the inspection of the camera,  two different personal unexplained events occurred.

Personal Experiences of agents:

While many advanced scientific analysis tools are used to attempt to document paranormal events, by far the most important is a well-trained investigator.  Our agent jobs are to carefully evaluate stimuli as they are encountered and where possible obtain tangible evidence.

Our Investigators reported the following personal experiences:

1. Upon entry into the facility, multiple agents reported strange sensations in two of the rooms. The sitting room was most often referred to as having a “good feeling.” In reviewing the collected evidence for the night, for no particular reason, agents spent significantly more time in this room and an abnormal number of events occurred in this room. The upstairs front bedroom was the second room of interests. Multiple agents reported an extremely negative feeling surrounding this room. Multiple agents stated the room felt “heavy”, and they felt a pressure on their chests entering the room. There were also reports of uneasiness upon entering the room.

2. Entering the outside structure referred to as “Aunt Sophie’s house,” one of the agents, equipped with an audio enhancement device, observed the sounds of “whimpering” or crying.

3. While patrolling the outside grounds, one of the agents started to whistle faintly. After the agent stopped whistling, a displaced whistle seemed to continue for a few seconds.

4. At 9:36pm, there is the sound of breathing on the audio recorder for this room. At around 9:37 PM, Camera 3 in the sitting parlor began experiencing flutters as though something were interrupting the circuit with the camera. Since this is a closed wire system, external interference was not possible. This phenomenon persisted for about 15 seconds. At one point, the signal goes completely to back. Physical inspection reveals no problem with camera connectivity. The Chief investigator went to examine the camera and verify connectivity. Approximately 10 minutes earlier, the team had used the same room as an assembly point. At the time of the assembly, the temperature in the room was in the mid 80s. As the investigator entered, he noted a severe temperature drop of approximately 20 degrees or more. No cause of the camera interference was determined. The investigator returned to the oracle monitoring station.

5. Based on the experience at 9:37pm, a second senior investigator followed up in the sitting parlor. At the same location, he experienced an unexplained sound resembling a person exhaling loudly. He inquired if someone was there and the sound repeated itself.

6. Periodically, as agents sat observing the facility, there would appear shadows with no connected causality. The large number of uncontrolled light sources around the facility as well as the large number of reflective surfaces discounts these events. Even so, the frequency and locations of the events warrant acknowledgement.

7. Several agents, including to senior agents, observed unexplained movement in the upstairs Christmas Storage room.

8. Several agents observed a dark shadow move in the archive storage room with no apparent source.

9. In the upstairs front bedroom, while agents are actively engaging, there is a strange popping noise. This is heard directly by an agent as well as captured on one of the two EVP recordings at the time.

10. While in the upstairs front bedroom, an agent experienced the feeling of a light touch or tug on her shirt.

11. While in the upstairs front bedroom, an agent observed unexplained movement of zipper pull-tab for several seconds.

12.  At multiple points, agents reported seeing a dark shadow near the front door that briefly blocked the light filtering through the windows.

Apparition #1

At around 11:40pm, while wearing infrared visual assistance glasses, a senior investigator observed a brief glimpse of a figure wearing long white sleeves covering their arms entering the archive storage room. The figure was entering from the upstairs central hall into the front archive room. No agents present in the facility were wearing long sleeves.

Apparition #2

By far, the most notable event occurred at 1:00 AM. While multiple investigators were in the sitting parlor, an agent-in-training observed what seems to be a human figure obstructing the light filtering in from the lobby entrance. During the time of the event, all agents are accounted for and all the access points into the observation area show no human entrance. The agent-in-training described the figure as:

It was a gray figure... I don't think I saw any arms... It like was torso and head... A shadow... yeah, nothing... it wasn't defined at all... It was right where he is standing but facing in here. I couldn't tell... I wouldn't be able to tell if it was walking in here or walking out. It was just the outline of a body either coming or going. It was there for about a second and it was in front of lights... of the windows... So it kind of blocked the windows. You could see the shadow in front of the windows.

When the event occurred there were two cameras focused on the room. The infrared camera is targeting the agent-in-training as well as the room. According to the testimony, the figure was approximately 2 feet behind this camera. A second camera, the Ultra violet full spectrum camera, was pointed directly at the location were the apparition appeared. Unfortunately, the range of the event was too far to be seen on the UV.

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