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There is never a fee.

There are several reasons that legitimate paranormal groups don't charge a fee.

1) Bias.

 If a business or individual benefits from a finding of being haunted, there is no reason to believe the investigation was subjective. One trend has been to get a paranormal team to say your hotel, bar, restaurant, et cetera is haunted and then start advertising the fact to bring in patrons. That is the reason towns like Roswell Georgia allegedly have so many haunted locations.

2) quackery.

There are two universities in North America that offer paranormal related degrees. So unless you came out of Duke or West Georgia University, you can not even claim formal education in the profession. Even these degrees are centered on psychological or philosophical aspects. The pursuit of concrete science in the paranormal dates back 2,500 years, yet in all that time credible, reproducible evidence has not yet been discovered. So how can one legitimately sell a service where there is absolutely no concrete demonstrative proof that the problem even existed. That makes it more a religion than a science. Like snake oil salesmen using fake remedies to cure consumption in the 1800s, paranormal team solutions remain objectively non-provable.

3) equipment.

Simply stated absolutely none of the equipment has validated correlation to the paranormal. The K2 was designed for industrial use. It was so inaccurate and poorly designed, that they were filing bankruptcy before Ghost Hunters repurposed the toy. The only twos real linkages to emf and the paranormal normal is a study by neuroscientist Michael Persinger and one by William Roll. Persinger's study was on hallucinations caused by specific emf concentrated burst. These have consistently failed to be reproducible. Roll asserted there was a correlation between emf and poltergeist activity. This spawned 5 studies and none of them had consistent results.

Modern paranormal investigators almost always have absolutely no understanding of the science behind the tools. Understanding the nature or light, energy, and sound is the most basic requirement to be an educated investigator but how many actually crack open a psychics book?

If they did, they would understand that there can be absolutely no validity to tools that use FM radio waves. (It took science decades and complex equipment to do it.) EVPs are great but most teams don't understand sound, don't rely on multiple synchronized sound recordings, do not create measured sound profile maps, do not account for environmental factions, and then do not use the right tools to analyze the results. And, 90% of investigators will recite some rabble about spirits having superpowers that give them the ability to manipulate digital data. There is not enough time to list the insanity here. Recorders capture sound. Period. They can amplify sounds too low to hear or compress frequencies ranges slightly outside of the human range. That's it no secret message transcription.

The only valid tools we have are indirect. Laser grids detect disruption of light. (Solid psychics) Geophones or vibrations detector detect vibrations but not the source. Magnetometers can detect variations in fields caused by secondary sources.

4) burden of proof.

If you take a "sensitive" claiming to speak with an entity, have them ask the spirit a simple question in isolation. Now with any of the audio tools, try to reproduce it with any of the tools, audio or video. It doesn't happen. Recently, the most famous demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren (as well as the movie company) were sued by the man that wrote their books for breach of contract. Gerald Brittle asserts he and the Warrens made everything up. The Warrens and the studio claim historical fact. Now $900 million dollars relies on absolute proof of ghosts... something not achieved in 2500 years.

Under the US commercial code, a contract requires consideration (agreement for money). If you charge a client, how can you prove in a court of law that you fulfilled the contract? It gets even worse, if the investigators claim the paranormal event is directly related to a specific person (living or dead). What happens when you are sued by a relative that claims you are slandering a deceased love one by claiming they are haunting a house? It is impossible to defend.

5) no experts. Period.

 No matter who they are there are no paranormal experts. At best, we may be historians, physical scientists, or data collectors trying to understand paranormal events. Most folks in the field are completely untrained and amateurs at best. At the worst, investigators are conmen and charlatans.

Even with the best of intents, the understanding of paranormal events is in its infancy. Would you pay a child in the first grade to write you a novel? No.

Sadly, that is where we are in our current knowledge.