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The elements on this page represent contributions of the Georgia Society for paranormal Sciences to the general body of paranormal research. Any ownership of copyrighted material is retained by the original owner and is shared below for educational purposes.

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Key of Solomon

Early grimiore in English

Codex Gigas

Devil's Bible in Latin

Dictionary of Hermetic and Alchemical Sigils

Sigil Dictionary

Dictionnaire des noms 1880

1880 Demon manual

Dictionary Infernal 1816

1816 Demon manual

Le Diable 1882

1882 demon manual

Ritual Romano 1614

Rituale Romano 1614 in Latin

Ritual Romano 1614

Rituale Romano 1614 in English

Saducismus Triumphatus 1681

Evidence of Witches and Apparitions

Vishnu Purana vol 2

1865 Hindu Mythology

Azazel white paper

Original research on Azazel

Valac white paper

Original research on Valac

White Papers and Presentations

History of Western Demons- Speech

PDF version of Speech

Western Demons slides

PDF version of Speech

History of Eastern Demons

PDF version of Speech

Eastern Demons Slides

PDF version of Speech

Ghost 101

PDF version of Speech

Ouija Boards and Zozo

PDF article of Ouija Board page

Exorcism Lecture

PDF version of speech

Exorcism slides

PDF version of lecture slides

Public Case Reports

Evidence Archive

Solomon_-_The_Testament_Key_and_Legematon_of_Solomon_(unabridged).pdf History of Western Demons.pdf Western Demons.pdf History of Eastern demons_final.pdf Codex Gigas _ Devils.Bible__text.pdf Dictionary_of_ Hermetic_and_Alchemical_Sigils.pdf dictionnaire_des_noms_1880.pdf Dictionnaire_infernal_Jacques Collin de Plancy_1816.pdf Le diable_jules baissac_1882.pdf Ritual Romano Antiguo - Rituale Romanum 1614.pdf ritrom.pdf saducismustriump00glan.pdf vishnupurnsyst02wils.pdf Eastern Demons.pdf Eastern Demons.pdf Zozo and Ouija Board-Draft-20161011.pdf Exorcisms_Catholic_Tibetan.pdf Exorcisms_Catholic_Tibetan_sideshow.pdf Azazel.pdf Valac.pdf