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Like a dog chasing its tail, a residual haunt happens over and over in a predictable pattern.

Residual Hauntings

A residual haunting is the simplest and most benign paranormal experience.  First of all, for the record, this is not a true haunting.  It is a 3-D recording impressed on the environment.  The events of the recording unfold whether witnessed or not.  They do not interact with the witness and show no apparent knowledge of the witness.

Written by Kyle T. Cobb, Jr.

Nos tibi credere.

Phenomenon explored

Basically, this class of haunting is a snap shot in time that repeats itself over and over.  In other words, the image performs the same actions in a repeatable pattern.

For a researcher the primary goal when encountering a residual haunting is simply to document the phenomena.  Because this event is without intelligence, there is no hope of convincing the event to cease.  It is just a factor that hopefully understanding will allow tolerance.

While there a dozens of explanations for residual haunting volleyed about, none of them yet offer a concrete plausible solution to the scenario.  For information purposes, here are a few of the explanations:


A footprint in the fabric of reality

Some trauma or event has created enough energy to “record” the actions into a repeating loop.  This theory relies on the principle that all of our reality is actually composed of energy and matter.  Given enough energy and the right media, a recording of anything can be made.  As energy passes over the media, the impression of the past event is replayed (just like with a record or magnetic tape).

Another, simpler way to think of this event would be to compare it to an echo.  The energy leaves its original source and bounces around repeating itself.  The echo is not as loud as the original but it is similar while assuming slightly different properties based on the environment it moves within.

This usually happens in areas with lots of water and the presence of high concentration of igneous rock.

A window in time

The physical location of the event has some form of anomaly that allows the observation of an event that occurred as it actually occurs.  This theory relies upon the time string theory.

To illustrate this point, if the string above represents the flow of time for an individual from birth to death, the movement can be assumed to be in a single vector (left to right).

< Back

The universe is described by some physics theories as being like a donut. Homer Simpson would approve.

Birth  ->     ->    ->   ->   ->  Death

Depending of the various physics theories of universal design that are in vogue at the time, the actual shape of space time may not actual be flat.  Various theories suggest it may be curved or it may be donut shaped or even shaped like a hyper-sphere.  To simplify the theory explanation, image that the universe is ball..

Our lines of existence wrap around the ball and crisscross the surface.  Various points in “our string” touch various points of other segments of the string (the past and the future).  To then make this theory work, the assumption is where the “strings” touch, we can see the immediate actions of the neighboring string segment.

So now Our universe is one-string in the papyrus of parallel universes.  Our point in time space is the dot.

The closer the segments are together to better the bond.


Therefore, based on this theory of existence, we are actually observing an event as it actually happened when it actually happened.


Mirror-Mirror: The M-Universe theory

In the not so recent past, “modern” physics assert that the actual fabric of the universe was made up of strings that formed the basis of our reality.  As this theory was expanded to try to unify the macro (large-scale) physics and sub-atomic physics, it was discovered that there was more dimensionality than the 10 dimensions provided by the 5 concurrent superstring theories.  So with the addition of an eleventh dimension, a convergence of the theories was possible.  The net result was beyond the simple strings that composed the universe, sheets of strings actually were the basic building block of this universe.

Think of our entire reality as a sheet of paper and our universe is a dot on that paper.

So now Our universe is one-string in the papyrus of parallel universes.  Our point in time space is the dot.

Like a dog chasing its tail, a residual haunt happens over and over in a predictable pattern.

For now, we are ignoring the fact that there are structures like columns holding the strings and the sheets together and apart.  These are covered more extensively in the Demonology class.

Each one of these pages slowly vibrates like a flag in the wind.  At certain points, the membranes move very close to one another or even have paralleled frequencies in their vibrations.  At these intersections, one reality may bleed into another.


This means, the paranormal experience is actually a view into another reality or existence.

Above and below the sheet of paper that represents our reality, there are millions of other “sheets of reality.”