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Apparitions (commonly called Ghosts) are paranormal entities that are interactive with their environment. This includes the ability to respond to various stimuli.

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Haunting Types


Since the earliest writings of man, there have been stories of Demons. From Babylon to every corner of the Earth, demons and mankind have interacted. This site is working to become a universal resource for help understanding encounters with demons.


These noisy phenomena are said to have no form but are experienced through violent telekinetic events. Most often encounters with these paranormal happenings center on an adolescent child.

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A Literary History of Demons

An analysis of Exorcism rituals

A look a the Key of Solomon

Residual Haunting

A residual Haunting shows no recognition of outside stimuli. In every case, the haunting repeats a pattern of activities and usually repeats the events at a regular interval.

Shadow People

Since the 1950s stories of the Shadow people have populated media and horror stories. Learn the origin of this paranormal pop sensation.


Two dust particles, a flying insect and a camera walk into a bar… Learn the less than paranormal origins of the most prolific form of fake paranormal evidence.

Bigfoot, Loch Ness and honest politicians

A section devoted to the impossible monsters of Cryptozoology and why they are complete crap.

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